Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Is Jacko posing as burns victim?

A WEBSITE which claims Michael Jackson is still alive and masquerading as a burns victim is clocking up an astonishing one million hits per day.

Internet rumours on YouTube and Facebook also claim the King of Pop is appearing on TV talkshows as Dave Dave, 33, a man who suffered severe facial disfigurement after his father set him on fire.

The scenario might seem unbelievable, but one web forum regular said: "There's no doubt Michael Jackson is still alive. We have the evidence, now we want to let everyone know."

Dave was born David Rothenberg, in Brooklyn, New York. In 1983, aged just six, he survived a terrifying attack by his own father.

In a twisted attempt at revenge over a custody disagreement Charles Rothenberg poured kerosene over his little boy while he slept in a Californian hotel room and set him alight. Rothenberg later served six years in jail for the crime.

The little lad suffered more than 90 per cent burns and amazingly survived, but was left badly scarred.

His mother Marie, who later wrote a book about her son's ordeal which was turned into a TV movie, organised a trip to Michael Jackson's Neverland ranch as a treat, and the singing legend took the boy under his wing.

Dave, now a law student living in Utah, changed his surname to break all ties with his father.

He has said of Jackson: "He befriended me. He took me into his life, which is very rare for Michael to do.

"But he opened up his arms to me and accepted me as a very good friend of his. And throughout the years, he never let me go."

Dave appeared on the Larry King show to talk about his memories of Jackson on the day of the star's memorial service last year.

But the show sparked a series of rumours which have snowballed into an internet sensation and become a huge talking point on michaeljacksonhoaxforum.com.


Many bloggers have said Dave's high-pitched voice bears a remarkable resemblance to the singing legend's, and observers claim his eyes have changed colour from his previous blue/green to brown.

His extensive facial scarring is supposedly a perfect cover for Jackson's surgically altered features, while the Larry King clip has been posted hundreds of times on YouTube, with web users analysing the similarities in their mannerisms.

Souza, a blogger and administrator of michaeljacksonhoaxforum.com, asserts: "Michael Jackson attended Larry King Live on the day of the funeral disguised as Dave Dave."

The 28-year-old, from the Netherlands, runs the site, which gets around a million hits per day, with her friend Mo, a 40-year-old mum-of-two, and the pair call themselves Michael Jackson Death Hoax Investigators.

She told The Sun: "At first we started investigating Michael's death as it was a gut feeling we both had.

"The media told us two different stories. TMZ.com reported he died six minutes before the doctor pronounced him dead, and CNN kept telling us he was in a coma. What really happened still remains a mystery."

Lawyer Brian Oxman, who acts as Dave's spokesman, scotched the rumours, telling The Sun: "The stories that have surfaced on the blogs concerning Michael Jackson still being alive are part of the worldwide grief that everyone whoever loved Michael Jackson now feels.

"He was so remarkable that people find it difficult to believe he is no longer with us. They long for him to remain a part of our lives.

"Dave Dave is an extraordinary young man. Michael Jackson took care of Dave for many years and asked nothing in return.

"I have spoken to Dave within the past several weeks, and he is doing well. He is going to school in Utah, and he is studying to be a lawyer.

"I can assure you that while Michael Jackson would be thrilled that Dave would become a lawyer, Michael Jackson never wanted to be a lawyer himself. He would shudder at the very thought."

Jackson died aged 50 in June last year.

Source: The Sun

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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Awesome or Off-Putting: The Return Of Michael Jackson’s Ghost

Awesome or Off-Putting is a weekly delve into cryptozoology, ufology, aliens, medical marvels, scientific wonders, secret societies, government conspiracies, cults, ghosts, EVPs, ancient artifacts, strange facts, odd sightings or just the plain unexplainable.


Several Michael Jackson-y things have happened since the man died. For instance, his other glove turned up.

Plus somebody filmed him getting out of a hearse or something, and his brain got divorced from the inside of his skull (and then wasn’t invited to the funeral). On top of that – Larry King bravely discovered MJ’s ghost lurking around Neverland in a cameraman-ish sort of way, and toddlers everywhere have stopped waking up to the king of pop puffing on a cigarette.

If you think about it, dead-Michael’s almost more socially relevant than live-Michael. That may be the opinion of millions of children putting on a nativity in Zimbabwe.

No really – look what it says on Paranormal.About.com:

The sighting of Jackson’s ghost occurred at the St Mary’s Mission School,a Catholic institution, in Zimbabwe’s capital of Harare. Allegedly a group of students aged from twelve to fourteen years were sitting along with some of the nuns that work at St Mary’s and watching a nativity play that was organized after school hours.

Children dressed as Mary, Joseph and the Wise Men were on stage when suddenly the lights went out. Then ghost-like being appeared on stage waving a white-gloved hand. The terrified students emptied the hall along with the supervising nuns. Almost all the students later agreed that it was Michael Jackson that they saw. “It definitely was MJ” noted Theresa, a student at the school. “It was his face and his clothes. he smiled and waived at us.”


Theresa didn’t really say that. There is another real quote though – from a nun named Sister Maria:

“I saw it too. It was not human and must have been a spirit. The students later told me it was Michael Jackson.”

We think we know what’s going on here. Jackson died before he was able to stage his comeback tour on stage every other day in front of a collective millions of people. He died, of course, and he was never able to enjoy that limelite he craved so much. A Zimbabwean childrens’ stage is the first thing his spectre stumbled across, and he decided that would be good enough.

And you know what? Really that is good enough.

Source: www.hecklerspray.com

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Friday, October 23, 2009

Michael Jackson Spotted at a Memphis Burger Queen

Normally a regular stomping ground in life and a documented posthumous haunt for Elvis, a Union Avenue Burger Queen in Memphis, Tennessee was the site of a reported Michael Jackson sighting yesterday afternoon.

Identified by at least five former members of Jackson's fan club, all said they noticed the slight figure sitting alone at a picnic table outside the restaurant adjacent to the drive through lane. Though the lane prohibited anyone from pulling over to take a closer look, the husky but devoted female fans swore that it was the previously reported dead pop star.

"It was him for sure", says Nev Erlaid, the witness with the most hair covering her eyes. "I saw the black loafers and white socks, the skinny black jeans. I could even see the oversized mirrored sunglasses hanging on his pointed nose under his hooded sweatshirt.". Another witness claims that the mysterious figure looked back when she yelled Michael's name and heard a faint reply, "He, he, he".

Conspiracy theorists and Jackson fanatics cling to the hope, thought they will call it fact, that Jackson is still alive. With bankruptcy looming and an onslaught of pending legal action in 2008, one theorist claims, "What better way to ditch your responsibilities and jump start your previously released record sales. The Jackson estate is rolling in money now."

Cloaking Jackson's funeral procedures and burial didn't help matters either. There was no public viewing or any external verification that Jackson's body was finally interred. One reporter furthered the speculation about the legitimacy of the sighting by making a connection from the location of the Burger Queen to surrounding businesses. "I noticed that the picnic area has a direct view of the Sunny Morning Day Care Center playground, right next door." Says Memphis Standard beat writer Ivan Tahedlyne.

Once the initial news story broke, other sightings were reported around the Memphis area, all carrying the same description of the skinny hooded man, doing the moonwalk, periodically spinning on his heels and yelling, "Ooooohhh".

Source: www.thespoof.com

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Michael Jackson's Ghost!

Michael Jackson was pronounced both dead and alive recently, announcing the advent of the latest trend in celebrity spook sightings -- the ghost-celebrity-caught-on-video video.

Larger-than-life celebrities -- like Marilyn Monroe, Elvis, John Lennon and 2Pac -- have long been unable to have run-of-the-mill deaths. The divinization of celebs, as promoted by US, the Weekly World News and, more recently, TMZ, leaves idolaters unwilling to quietly let go of the objects of their adoration.

So perhaps it is no surprise that fans obsessed with their favourite stars are increasingly turning to online video to keep their idols' legacies alive with stories of sightings even after they've officially been pronounced dead. While pre-Internet sightings of dead celebs had to subsist on word of mouth, websites like Elvis is Alive, Kurt Cobain Is Still Alive and others now provide platforms for witness testimonials. The testimonials have the same aw-shucks tone as gossip overheard on your granny's front porch, typically going something like: "I was coming out of the drive-thru at McDonald's and I saw him getting into a four-door sedan with tinted windows. (Insert celeb name) is alive and living in Puerto Rico! I swear! It's true!"

The King of Pop is only the latest of society's dearly departed to have earned the dubious distinction of having his death questioned: Michael Jackson Sightings serves as a clearing house for people who believe to have seen Michael, and a number of beyond-the-grave videos are making their way on to the Net.

It was Larry King, perhaps unsurprisingly, who was first to report catching Jackson's ghost on tape. The show's crew caught a lurking shadow during a tour of the pop star's Neverland mansion, shortly after news of his (purported?) death was made public.

This, the first in a string of MJ videos to get geeks all atwitter(ing) this summer, has since been viewed more than 11 million times. And subsequent videos in this fast-growing genre are no less popular: one reveals a figure sporting locks very similar to those of the late pop star, being escorted out of the back of a van belonging to the L.A. county coroner's office. Incredibly, for some, it is the lack of a time stamp on this latest video that leads to questions about its veracity; the fact that Michael Jackson's death has been certified by several autopsies seems of little import -- nor does the fact that German television station RTL has admitted to faking the video.

Source: thetyee.ca

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Michael Jackson's image seen in tree stump: People are seeing him everywhere

The latest Michael Jackson "sighting" is in a tree stump in Stockton, CA. This follows others including the famous Memorial Service image when John Mayer was playing.

Most everyone wants to believe that there is something after death, so we continue to "see" and "listen to" ghosts. That happens most often with celebrities like Michael Jackson. People bleived that they have seen the spirit of Michael Jackson in many forms

Some believe that they are channeling that spirit, but nobody seems to have a clear message from Jackson. He was seen in the clouds over New York, on the Larry King show and very distinctly at his Memorial Service. So is Michael Jackson's spirit / ghost appearing on the television airwaves? Do most people even know what a "ghost" is? Lots of people want to see Jackson again, but they tend to see things that just are not there.

People are saying that this image is another appearance of Michael Jackson's ghost on international TV. They've claimed the same is true of a shadow moving across the background during a taping of the Larry King Live show at Jackson's Neverland Ranch.

Although I know that we exist well beyond the physical and that some spirits hang around long after they have left their physical body, these are not instances of that. The Larry King incident is the shadow of someone else in the mansion moving across the room down the hall.

This Memorial Service apparition is nothing more than good video production. If you watch the video, you will see that this image happened at the exact instant when the director was fading out from the shot of Mayer and into the shot of Michael Jackson being projected behind Mayer. Thus, the ghost of Michael Jackson "appeared" to the camera and the viewing audience.

I've seen "ghosts" and other non-physical spirits, and they usually do not resemble what they did when they were in physical form. Often they can be seen at funeral and memorial services as spheres of light floating above the people. That is the spirit of the person watching the proceedings. These two incidents are simply optical illusions.

May we begin to understand and appreciate the true journey we all will take when we have completed our work here in physical reality. And may the spirits of all those who have passed over recognize the freedom of true release and move on to the next phase of their existence.


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Twelve Jackson sighting in S-W England

QUESTION: The day before yesterday, I could have sworn I saw Michael Jackson emerging from my local branch of Boots the Chemist. I knew that it was him because he seemed to be walking forward, but was in fact walking backwards. It took him over two hours to get around the shop, and it's really a wonder that he ever managed to leave it at all. Have there been any other sightings of Michael Jackson since he tragically died?

There have been no fewer than 12 sightings of Michael Jackson in the South-West of England alone, though one of them later turned out to be Michael Martin, the former Speaker of the House of Commons, who was on holiday in Tintagel at the time.

At Bridgewater in Somerset, a mother of two spotted Michael Jackson moonwalking out of an Oxfam shop carrying a single white glove to go with the white glove he was already wearing.

'I sensed that he had always promised himself a second glove,' she said at a press conference, 'and that he felt now was as good a time as any to take the plunge.'

In Calne, Wiltshire, Michael Jackson was spotted by retired farmer Geoffrey Manning having his hair washed and blow-dried at The Hair Today Salon. 'I could tell it was Michael because he was with Elvis Presley,' says Mr Manning.

'The two of them were in the middle of a heated discussion about Jordan and Peter Andre, so I didn't like to disturb them for autographs and suchlike.'

source: dailymail.co.uk